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Istre Engineering Services offers comprehensive Foundation Design in Lafayette LA and solutions that take any project from concept to completion with expert consultation, design, construction support, inspection and project management.


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Foundation Design Services in Lafayette, LA

Needing Foundation Design Services in Lafayette LA?

Istre Engineering Services has the knowledge and expertise for all you foundation design services in Lafayette LA.

Every building, house, bridge, road, or anything erected on the ground has a foundation to support it. Foundation design simplistically is determining how to make the soil support the structure you want.

Since every structure is unique and built-in different places, it’s important to have a precise foundation designed for the conditions at your property or project location.

Whether you are developing new construction or a renovation, it’s important to start with a solid foundation. Other engineering firms will tell you a foundation is the lowest structural member of a building. We at Istre Engineering Services will tell you that a foundation is what you will build everything from. A proper foundation design reduces settlement and potential damage to your building.

The design of a foundation is vital since foundations in Louisiana have a vulnerable point; they’re usually built on soil. To counteract this obstacle, a good assessment of the supporting soil is your best weapon. Our engineers apply proven practices along with old fashioned common sense to evaluate what the soil conditions are at your site so we can design the best foundation for your needs. At ISE (Istre Engineering Services), we are honored to offer our clients the convenience of our drilling and foundation design services.

Generally, foundations are broken down in to two categories, shallow and deep.


Shallow foundations are generally used in residential construction and commercial construction where the weight of the structure is not too heavy or where the shallow subsurface environments are suitable to support your structure. This is ordinarily the less expensive foundation when related to a deep foundation. Typical shallow foundation types utilized in Louisiana are slab-on-grades, strip footings, mat/raft foundations, and pad foundations.


Deep foundations are generally used for larger structures such as commercial or industrial buildings. These types of foundations distribute the structural loads competent soil where a shallow foundation is insufficient or where the shallow soil is not competent. There are several types of deep foundations Istre Engineering Services is experienced with including but not limited to auger cast piles, drilled shafts, driven piles, and micropiles. The deep foundations are normally constructed by drilling to a set depth and forming either a zone of influence in the soil or a column for a load to be applied to. IES has the knowledge and experience to find appropriate cost-effective solutions for most deep foundation design projects.

Istre Engineering Services offers complete turn-key Foundation Design and Inspection services. Our team of skilled engineers can oversee each step of the design process, working with customer to deliver the right foundation for your job efficiently, effectively, and affordably!


A foundation is certainly the most essential component of any building or structure. As such, you need to know if yours was constructed properly. Istre Engineering Services offers comprehensive foundation inspection services for all types of foundations.

A foundation inspection can involve two categories of testing, frequently referred to as non-destructive and destructive testing. Non-destructive testing can incorporate tasks such as a visual inspection of the foundation to recognize construction defects, poor drainage, and settlement, or can include an elevation survey to establish levelness, or various types of surveys such as GPR or x-ray to establish foundation construction. When necessary, destructive testing methods such as coring are completed.


  • Visual inspections to identify settlement, construction defects, poor drainage, and much more
  • Elevation survey to determine levelness
  • Concrete strength with common techniques such as a rebound hammer, Windsor Probe, or impact echo
  • Concrete imaging with modern techniques such as GPR, electromagnetic, or x-ray

At Istre Engineering Services, we are proficient at recognizing the signs of a troubled foundation and determine the cause(s). Where necessary, our foundation design engineers have vast experience at formulating proficient, cost-effective solutions custom-made to your needs.

Contact Istre Engineering Services for all your foundation design services in Lafayette LA.  Istre Engineering Services is located at 5712 Percy Road, Kaplan, LA 70548.  You can contact IES by phone at 337-522-1015.

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Istre Engineering's wealth of experience our clients in a multitude of disciplines. As a project is initiated, we diligently work with our client to establish objectives, timeframes for completion, and set budgets. We strive to either meet or discuss project progression on a weekly basis with our client. Projects are reviewed in house on a weekly basis to assure that project goals, timeframes, communication, and budgets are being met. Our goal is to get your job completed right the first time, on time, and on budget. We take pride in the quality of our work and work hard to keep a respected reputation. As our client you can expect quality work, budgets met, and jobs completed on time.

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Our commercial services include concept consulting, code compliance, foundation design, drainage engineering and full building design.

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IES can provide you with an engineered solution. With experience not only in design, IES pulls from a combined 50+ years of residential construction experience.

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With over 10yrs of Offshore and Onshore design experience, IES provides an array of design services to the Oil and Gas industry. Foundations, platforms, lift analysis and padeye design and certification are a few of the areas we can help you with.

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